Terms and Conditions


Clarification of terms

The 'client' means the person, company, or organisation hiring the studio and includes all personnel working for or connected with the client on whatever basis. The 'hire period' includes all the time when the client is in the occupation including times when the client's equipment or other belongings are in the building even though the building is locked and no one is present. The 'studio' means all or any part of the building including the grounds and surroundings, even those not specifically hired to the client. 

The Agreement

WLCS can make no promises as to the availability of the studio unless confirmed in writing. The period of hire cannot be extended except by prior agreement. WLCS provides only public liability insurance cover for clients hiring the studio. Loss or damage to the client’s possessions or equipment, damage caused by the client, and/or accidents caused by the client are in no way the responsibility of WLCS. To the satisfaction of WLCS, clients will repair damage and make good losses they cause during the hire period. The client agrees to protect the studio against theft and damage. The client accepts responsibility for ensuring security throughout the hire period. The client takes responsibility for following all health and safety guidelines (including Covid-19 regulations) during the hire period. A representative of WLCS will be available to provide training upon request at a mutually convenient time before the hire commences. WLCS shall have no liability to the client for consequential losses which result from power cuts, external noise, or other events or breakdowns which delay or prevent the use of the studio. Liability shall be limited to an additional hire period at the discretion of WLCS. During the hire period, the client shall not cause noise or other disturbance in the neighborhood which could lead to action by individuals or organisations against the studio. Where WLCS provides additional services, any persons performing these services are servants of the client and are under the sole control and direction of the client. When entering any other area of the building without being accompanied by an agent of WLCS, a client accepts responsibility for ensuring the safety and security of that area even though that area has not been hired to the client. Any defects found in the studio infrastructure should be brought to the attention of a representative of WLCS. A client who identifies an unacceptable risk then continues to work is deemed to accept liability for any consequences that follow. Unless agreed in writing the client takes responsibility for all costs incurred by their use of the studio including electricity, telephone bills, equipment hire, taxis, food, and the like. At the end of the hire period, the client agrees to leave the studio in a condition equal to or better than its condition at the commencement of the hire period. The hire period does not end until the studio is formally handed back to a representative of WLCS. You agree not to leave our spaces unoccupied without notifying a member of staff and or ensuring the security of the studio. WLCS reserves the right to charge for the storage of items left behind in our premises where it is deemed that those items prevent the use of, or restrict a 3rd party client enjoying the use of the space.

Additional Charges/Credit Card Charges

Clients may be required to, or choose to pay charges in advance of the hire date by Credit Card. Unless otherwise agreed, payment for all outstanding purchases, hire fees, overtime, or services commissioned, will be charged to your card on completion of your visit (or cancellation thereof within seven days of your booked dates).

Equipment rental

Insurance excess is £250.00 per claim. Exclusions include damage through negligence and glass breakages. 

Charges payable when canceling a photographic studio booking within 7 days of the booked date